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Zodiac Signs
  Career/Job or Business
Career is one of the important aspects to define the life of a human being. In this section, people can put forth their questions related to field of expertise, getting selected for a job, promotions in job, relocation, starting business ventures, or setting up industries. Efficient predictions will be given by applying concentric attention and accuracy to the horoscope of each and every individual for US$10.00 only.

Education is the process by which, society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. The more the knowledge, the more the control. Questions related to contexts like, which course suits me better, is it science or management or arts or commerce or law or civil & public service etc, lack of concentration on studies, lack or remembrance, exam fear and all such questions can be asked and you get the best possible solution as per your own planetary positions for US$10.00 only.
  Bride & Groom Compatibility
Bride & Groom Compatibility is very important analysis for any alliance. Questions related to the strength of the compatibility, marital life, legal separation, household tensions/quarrels can be asked. This stage being second half of one’s own life journey, acceptance for marriage will be given after analyzing the aspects of the planetary positions from the birth charts of the Bride & Groom and blessings will be showered declaring that the match is made in heaven. Cost US$10.00 only.

  Botheration & Remedies
Botheration can be defined as an obstacle which does not allow any process to go forward. It is always temporary. It can be either in physical form or in mental form.
Remedies are suggestions or Spiritual Yaagams suggested by the astrologers, basing on the planetary positions and performed under the guidance of Veda Brahmins in order to get fruitful results. Get information about remedial measures to be performed for all botherations at the cost of US$10.00 only.
  Foreign Travel
Foreign Travel to new places and meeting new people may be undertaken due to different reasons like either for the purpose of business or pleasure, medical treatment, pilgrimage, higher education, after marriage, tourism or for settling down in foreign lands. After analyzing your horoscope we will answer all your questions related to foreign travel, like, “Will I go to abroad?”, “Which Country is better for me?” and many more for US$10.00.

  Maha Dasha
Maha Dasha is a part of Hindu Astrology. Planets and their sub categories have great influence on a person's life analysis with respect to finance, health , career , marriage, education and much more. It will be wonderful to Know how these movements could get better and improve your life. It is very essential to have a detailed dasha analysis Chart. Just provide your personal information and get your detailed Maha Dasha report for US$10.00 only.

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