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  Shri V.C.Bhavaraj
Shri V.C.Bhavaraj is a graduate from Andhra University and practicing astrology since 1994. He mastered the literature on Parasara Hora written by Shri. Muni Parasara and also mastered another astrological treasure called Jathaka Marthandam. Consistency in accuracy towards predictions is maintained because of not only having profound knowledge on Parasara Tantra but also for incorporating the principles of Jaimini, one of the ways of predicting the results. He was also awarded the winner of Ugadi Puraskaram by the Department of District Cultural Affairs of the Andhra Pradesh Govt. for the years 2006, 2007 and 2009 respectively.
  Shri S.S.Nistala
Shri S.S.Nistala learnt astrology as a hobby around the age of 18 years. At the age of 21, to sharpen his skills, he mastered the art in the science of Astrology and other areas of Hindu thought under the holy guidance of his Guru, and was also awarded Jotish Ratna award by Andhra University.

Since 1999, Shri. S.S. Nistala has been doing self study and practicing astrology as a profession. Shri. S.S. Nistala has catered diverse clientele from different economies, social, religious and regional strata.

  Shri K.R.Nuri
Shri  K.R.Nuri attained knowledge of astrology in his early 30's. He is a graduate in the science of Vedic Astrology, Drukhu Siddhantam, Purva Siddhantam and Vasthu and practising the same since 15 years. He also suggests and performs remedial measures to counteract evil experiences of the present life and make the life happier and comfortable. As per his view, Astrology is the greatest tool to foresee the approaching wonders or calamities of life of the individuals as well as of the nations. The main objective is to show a stable way to mankind but not misuse them.
He salutes the consciousness, Supreme one and invisible shakthi
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